How can I make an order?
You can follow the steps below to make an order:
1. Please choose the product and the relevant number for yourself first. Then click “add to cart” button.
2. Once you add your product to the cart, you can either continue shopping or click on “Go to Cart" button to proceed with your order.
3. If you have a voucher or discount coupon, you can use your code on the checkout page and proceed.
4. Please make sure that you provide your delivery address and contact information properly.
5. Choose the payment method you prefer and provide the required information
6. Click “PAY NOW” button and wait for the payment confirmation. Once you receive the notification, your order will be finalized.
How I can follow my order?
Once you make your order
You will receive a text message on your mobile for confirmation
You will receive another text message from Lumberjack or the delivery company when we ship your order
PS: You can check the status of your order under “My account/My orders” menu as well.
How will I cancel my order?
If you placed an order by mistake or just simply changed your mind, you can cancel your order if it’s not invoiced yet.
You can visit “My account/ My orders menu. You can check the status under this menu and if it’s not invoiced yet, you will notice a “cancel” button which you can click and make the cancelation.
The cancelation will not be possible for the orders delivered to the Cargo company for shipment.
You can return your order once you receive it. Please check “How can I make a return” menu for the details.You can send your cancellation request regarding your orders as a guest member by sending support@lumberjackshoes.com e-mail from our contact section with your order number.
How can I use my discount coupon?
To use your coupon code please follow below steps

Add your product to the cart
You will see “Do you have a Campaign Code” button in the basket page and address steps.
If you already have a coupon, enter your code and click “apply” button

1. A maximum of 1 coupon or discount code is used in an order.
2. In some of our campaigns, coupons or codes cannot be used in selected brands.
You can access the campaign details from the "Our campaigns" page.
How will I make a search for a product?
You can use the “Search” bar on the upper right menu, You can make a search with a product name or product code.
You can also use filters to find the product your are looking for
Is it possible to change my order?
You can not make changes to your order. If you have changed your mind, you can cancel your order and if you wish, you can create new orders with the products you wish to purchase.
Is it possible to make a change if the size does not fit?
The modification is not possible but don't worry, you can easily return your product and place a new order for the relevant dimensions.
How can I cancel my order if it's already shipped?
You can check the status of your order “My account/ My orders” menu
If your order is already invoiced and delivered to the courier company, it can not be canceled anymore
You can reject the package when you receive it
Please follow the steps under “ How I can return my order” menu.
How can I get information about my canceled order?
Please check inbox to find out more about the cancelation of your order
You can also contact us on support@lumberjackshoes.com
I received a damaged product/package. What should I do?
Please check your package and your order before receiving and before signing for approval.
Deliver the product to the courier with the return form, product damage form and invoice in the box and send it back.
Please also make sure that you send an email to our Customer Support team support@lumberjackshoes.com about your damaged package.
There is a missing item in my order, what shoul I do?
Please open your package before the courier leaves.
Check the your order and your products and make sure they are all included and in good condition.
Deliver the product to the courier with the return form, minutes and invoice in the box and send it back.
Please also make sure that you send an email to our Customer Support team support@lumberjackshoes.com about your damaged package.
If you haven’t seen the courier and did not have a chance to notice the damage, please take photos of your products and share it with us on support@lumberjack.com with your order number. We will investigate and inform you as soon as possible.
Is the product under guarantee?
Our products have 2 years guarantee. If you face a problem regarding your product, you can create claim.
After creating the claim, we will ask you to send to our warehouse for examination and after the examination process you will be informed about the results by our customer care team.
For questions, please contact us at support@lumberjackshoes.com
Are the taxes included in your retail prices?
All of our retail prices are inclusive of relevant taxes.
I can't receive payment approval at the moment, what will you have to do?
To make the payment with your credit card, make sure your credit or debit card has a sufficient limit. Check that you entered your card number and other credentials correctly.
I made an order without creating an account, how can I track my order?
In the footer area of the our website, you will see "Order Tracking" link. Click this link and enter your tracking number and phone number that was already shared with you via email and sms during order confirmation to see the status of your order


How can I subscribe for the newsletter?
You can subscribe to the newsletter by providing the information and e-mail address in the newsletter registration area by clicking on the "Profile icon" tab in the top menu of our website. If you are already a registered customer, you can access your account, check the menu above, go to your account details and click on the "Newsletter subscription" menu. Change your preferences to receive our newsletter.
I want to stop my newsletter subscription. What should I do?
You can use the "Profile Icon" tab in the upper right corner of our site. After logging in, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter by hovering over your name and surname and unchecking the "E-mail, SMS and lighting text" boxes entitled "Newsletter subscription".
I stopped my newsletter subscription but I still receive. What should I do?
Please wait for 48 hours for your subscription to be canceled. For questions, please contact us at support@lumberjackshoes.com


Where is my order?

You can track your order through the link shared with you via SMS and email. You can also check it under "my orders" menu after logging into your account. For questions, please contact us at support@lumberjackshoes.com

When will I receive my order?
Your will see the shipping time of your order on the checkout page. You will receive a tracking link via SMS and Email once your order is shipped. You can also check the status of your order under your account.
Will I pay for shipping?
Shipping is free for your orders over € 59. For Italy an amount less than € 59 will be charged shipping costs for € 7.90, for Germany an amount less than € 59 will be charged for shipping costs of € 7.90. Your order will be shipped with DHL. You will not be able to make any changes to your order after it has been delivered to DHL.

Do you deliver internationally?
Currently only shipping is provided in Italy and Germany.
Do you deliver during on holidays?
Our delivery partners are working only during working days
What should I do if my delivery is late than the expected time?
Please contact us on support@lumberjackshoes.com
Please remember that you don’t need to make any payment while receiving your order.


How should I make a return?
The return period is 14 days since you receive it. You can make your return free of charge with the DHL company. The refund will be covered by Lumberjack, and no refund will be paid by you. Your order will be sent with a return form and invoice. You can complete your return shipments by filling out the return form and submitting the return code to DHL to the company. If you lose your bill, you can download it from your membership account.
The quality of the returned product will be checked and the return process will be started. If the product is not acceptable, we may not be able to accept your return. In this case, we will inform you.

Send your return via DHL using the Brandpark account to the address below: Debby Line via Friuli 13 - 31038 Padernello di Paese (TV)
Will I pay for the delivery to make a return?
You can ship your order back with DHL. Return fee will be paid by Lumberjack, you don’t need to pay for your return.
If you return your order with another Cargo company, you will need to pay for the shipping fee and your return will not be accepted by our warehouse.
So please make sure that;
You ship your return with DHL using Brandpark account not to pay for shipping fee.
Include the “proof of delivery” document within the package for us to identify your return and start your money refund
Is it possible to return several orders in a single package?
You can return your order in a single package by filling in the return form and with the invoice.
When the money refund for my return will be made?
The following process will be applied for your returning orders;

• The appropriateness of your return will be checked in terms of timeline. Please remember that you have only 14days to return your orders after you receive it.
• We will start the money refund if the return is confirmed. We will notify you fort he confirmation. Money refund might take several days depending on your issuing bank.
• We will return back your product to your first delivery address if it’s not accepted and we will notify you through E-mail


How can I create an account?
You can use "Profile Icon" tab on the upper menu, fill the required fields and create your account easily. You can also use your Facebook account to create an account and login
How can I change my personal information?
You can login into your account and visit "account info" tab to change your personal details. To change your address or to add a new one, you can visit "address book" menu
Can I change my email address?
You can not change your email address.
I forgot my password, what should I do?
You can visit login page and click " I forgot my password" link to reset your password
Is it possible to shop without creating an account?
Yes, you can shop using only your E-mail address and delivery address. You have to accept required documents while making an order. Please remember that it's always easier to follow your order when you have an account and get promotions. To create an account, please click
What should I do to deactivate my account?
You can either send your request to support@lumberjackshoes.com
I want to reactivate my account which was deactivated before, what should I do?
You can either send your request to support@lumberjackshoes.com


Can I use my debit card for payment?
You can make a payment with your credit or debit card
Is it safe to pay with my credit card?
Our website is totally secured and encrypted with SSL certificate and being audited on a regular basis for security
How can I use my discount coupon?
To use your coupon code please follow below steps

Add your product to the basket
You will see “Do you Have a Campaign Code” button in the checkout page
If you already have a coupon, enter your code and click “apply” button
What's 3D payment?
The 3D Secure authentication is an additional fraud prevention scheme that we also use for the security of our customers. The scheme is a collective of Verified by VISA (VBV) and MasterCard Secure Code (MSC). It is the most recent fraud prevention initiative that is available at the moment.
How should I use 3D secure payment?
After providing your credit card information on the checkout page, you will be directed to 3D secure page.. This page will show details about your credit card and your PAM (Personal Assurance Message) to make you sure that you have a secure connection between the bank and ourself.
In the meanwhile, a text messageto your mobile phone. This message will include your one 3D Secure code to proceed with your payment ..You have to enter this code on the payment page in 3minutes and proceed to finalize the payment process. If you miss the 3 minutes or don’t get the message you can ask for it up to 3times for one single payment transaction. Each code will be valid for 5 minutes. If your mobile number is not registered at your bank, you might not be able to get the 3D Secure code and proceed with the payment. In this case please connect your bank
I can pay with wire transfer?
You can only make payments as a credit card or debit card
When/How can I get my invoice?
Your invoice will be sent to your E-mail when your order is shipped and your invoice s created. You can check "my orders" menu to download your invoice
Is it possible to change my invoicing information?
We can not change any details for invoicing after you make your order
Is it possible to get an invoice for my firm?
If you choose "corporate invoice" option while making an order and provide required information, we can create you invoive for your company