How can I make an order?
If you want to make a purchase on our online store, you can follow the steps below:
1. Choose the product and the size that you need, then click “add to cart” button.
2. Once you’ve added the product to your chart you can either continue your shopping or click on “Go to cart” button to proceed with your order.
3. If you have a voucher or a discount coupon you can use your code on the checkout page and proceed.
4. Please make sure to provide the correct delivery address and contact information.
5. Choose the payment method that you prefer and provide the required information.
6. Click on “PAY NOW” button and wait for the payment confirmation. Once you’ve received it, your order will be processed.
How can I track my order?
Once you’ve placed your order, you will receive a confirmation sms on your mobile number.
You will be constantly updated via email and via sms by the courier who will notify you about the shipping date and the delivery date.
PS: You can always check by yourself the order status in your private area “My account / My orders”.
How will I cancel my order?
If you placed an order by mistake or just simply changed your mind, you can cancel your order if it’s not invoiced yet.
You can visit “My account/ My orders menu. You can check the status under this menu and if it’s not invoiced yet, you will notice a “cancel” button which you can click and make the cancelation.
The cancelation will not be possible for the orders delivered to the Cargo company for shipment.
You can return your order once you receive it. Please check “How can I make a return” menu for the details.You can send your cancellation request regarding your orders as a guest member by sending support@lumberjackshoes.com e-mail from our contact section with your order number.
How can I use my discount coupon/voucher?
Add your product to the cart. You’ll see “Do you have a Campaign Code?” button in the cart page.
If you already have a coupon, enter your code and click “apply” button.
You can use 1 coupon or one promo code per order.
In some cases or with some products, coupons or codes cannot be used.
How can I find or search a product?
You can use the search bar on the top right corner of the website with product name or product code.
You can also use filters to find the product you are looking for.
How can I modify/delete my order?
If you've done an order by mistake or you've changed your mind, you can delete your order only if it hasn't been invoiced yet. You have about 45 minutes to do it after the payment has been processed.
You can see the status of your order from the menu "My account/ My order" and, if it hasn't been invoiced yet, you'll be able to delete it.
If it's not possible to delete the order any longer, you can return it back once you've received it.Please check the section "How to make a return" for further information.
I purchased the wrong size, what can I do?
According to our standard procedure, you need to return the wrong product back and place a new order for the right one.
Therefore you should send back the wrong size and, in the meantime, order correct one through our website.
The wrong product will be refunded upon recept and inspection.
Can I delete the order if it has already been shipped?
Unfortunately, you can’t delete your order if it has already been shipped. You can either refuse the parcel when you receive it or you can start a return procedure.
How can I have more information about my deleted order?
Check your email for more information about your deleted order. You can also contact us at the following email address: support@lumberjackshoes.com
I received a wrong product or my package/product is damaged. What can I do?
When the courier delivers your parcel, you should check its integrity and sign the delivery document with reserve.
If package and/or content look damaged, please refuse it and make sure to sign with reserve.
If you haven't been able to check the parcel with the courier and you encounted a problem, please take some pictures and share them with us along with relevant order number to the email address support@lumberjackshoes.com. We will then start the correct investigation and will let you know as soon as possible.
There's a product missing in my parcel
You should open your parcel in the presence of the courier to verify that all products are included and intact.
If you haven't been able to check the parcel with the courier and you've not noticed the shortage, take some pictures of your products and share them with us along with relevant order number to the following email address: support@lumberjackshoes.com. We will then start the correct investigation and will let you know as soon as possible.
Is the product covered by warranty?
Lumberjack products are fully warranted to the original owner against any defects for two years.
A product is considered defective when it's been received damaged or shows manufacturing problems within 2 years from purchase date.
We remind you this warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear. If you think your product could be defective or damaged please contact us at the email address support@lumberjackshoes.com
Are the prices VAT included?
All our prices are VAT included.
Why has my card been declined?
Your card may have been declined for one of the following reasons:
- There's not enough credit limit to make the purchase. Contact your credit card provider to check that you have not exceeded your authorised purchase limit.
- Make sure all information on all required fields have been entered correctly (card number and other data)
- Make sure that you card is enabled for online payments and that 3D Secure protection is active.
I made a purchase without logging in, how can I track my parcel?
Please click the "Order Tracking" link in the footer area of our website. Enter your order number and mobile number to start the proper procedure of order tracking.


How can I subscribe to the newsletter?
You can subscribe to the newsletter or modify your preference: login to your private area and go to “newsletter subscription” menu.
How can I unsucribe from the newsletter?
You can unsuscribe anytime from the newsletter by logging in to you private area and going to “newsletter subscription” menu. Here you can also modify your preference.
I've unsuscribed from the newsletter but I still receive it. What can I do?
You need to wait 48 hours until your unsubscription will be active. If you have any questions, you can always email us at the address support@lumberjackshoes.com


Where's my order?

You can track your order by the link you’ve received via email and sms. Alternatively you can check it in your private area “My orders”. If you need more information please contact us at the following email address support@lumberjackshoes.com

When will I receive my order?
You can check the status of your order in your account private area “My orders” or using the link sent via sms.
Do you deliver internationally?
Currently we ship only to Italy and Germany.
Do you ship during holidays and weekends?
Our shipping partners operate only during business days.
What should I do if my shipment is late?
You can email us at support@lumberjackshoes.com


How can I return my order?
You can return your items within 14 days from the receipt of your goods. Please follow the instructions showing on the return form included in the package.
The return will be at our expenses and fully refunded once it has been received and quality inspected by our warehouse.
If the product is not in acceptable condition, if it is used or damaged we will not proceed with the refund.
Is the return at my expenses?
If you drop the product or hand it to DHL by using the prepaid waybill the return costs are up to us. If you decide to use another courier the return costs are up to you and our warehouse won't accept the parcel.
Make sure to include the return form to help us identifing your order and start the refund procedure quickly
N.B.: any transport costs incurred during the purchase will NOT be refunded.
Can I return more than one order in a single package?
Yes, you can return multiple orders in single package by completing and including relevant return forms and invoices.
When will I receive my refund?
Your refund will be processed as soon as the item you have returned has been received and inspected. Once the return has been approved, we will start the refund procedure by crediting the amount to your card used to purchase the product.


How can I open an account?
Click on the icon with the "little man" at the top right corner of the website. Then you will be able to create a new account using your Facebook ID or “sign up now” link.
How can I change my personal information?
If you need to change your personal data in your account you need to login and go to “Account info” section. If you need to change your address or adding a new one you can go on the “address book” link.
How can I change my email address?
Unfortunately it's not possible to change your email address.
I lost my password, what can I do?
You just need to go to the login area, click on "I forgot my password" botton and then follow the instrunctions.
Can I make a purchase without creating an account?
You can make a purchase as a guest, without creating an account, just using your email and your delivery address. We always suggest you to create an account because it will be easier to track your order and receive promotions and discounts. To create an account, please click
How can I cancel my account?
You can send your request to the following email address: support@lumberjackshoes.com
How can I reactivate my account?
You can send your request to the following email address: support@lumberjackshoes.com


How can I pay my order?
You can pay with debit, credit or pre-paid card. Cash on delivery or bank transfers are not permitted.
Is it safe to pay with my credit card?
Our website is totally protected and encrypted with SSL certificate and is periodically checked for safety reason.
How can I use my discount coupon?
To use your coupon code please follow below steps

Add your product to the basket
You will see “Do you Have a Campaign Code” button in the checkout page
If you already have a coupon, enter your code and click “apply” button
What is 3D Secure payment?
3D Secure authentication is another fraud prevention system that we use for our customers’ safety. It’s a verification system by VISA (VBV) and Mastercard Secure Code (MSC). It’s the most recent initiative of fraud prevention today available.
How does 3D Secure payment work?
After you’ve provided your credit card data on the checkout page, you will be redirected to the 3D Secure Page. Here you’ll see the details of your credit card and your PAM (Personal Assurance Message) that assure you a safe connection between the bank and our website.
In the meantime you will receive a sms on your phone with your 3D Secure code which is necessary to proceed with the payment of the order. You have to enter this code on your checkout page within three minutes and finalize the payment. If the 3 minute time goes by or if you don’t receive the sms, you can still request it another three times per transaction. Every code will be valid for only three minutes. If your mobile number is not registered at your bank, you won't be able to have your 3D Secure code and move on with payment. In this case, please contact your bank.
I can pay with wire transfer?
You can only make payments as a credit card or debit card
How and when can I have my invoice?
Your invoice will be included in the parcel. You can also download it from your private area, from “my orders” menu.
Is it possible to change my invoicing information?
We can not change any details for invoicing after you make your order
Can I have business invoice?
If you want to receive business invoice you have to select the relevant option while placing your order.